ESI-English Spanish International

ESI is a small organization with a personal approach and good customer care.

My name is Rocío García-Farrell, responsable of ESI. Nice to meet you.

I started organizing trips to Ireland for Spanish students in 2011. Since then there have been many students that had the opportunity to enjoy Ireland and practice their English. 2 years ago I started to promote the summer camps in Spain to learn Spanish.

I believe immersion is the best way to improve a language. Speaking  a language constantly gives the students fluency and confidence in themselves. And that’s really important to loose the fear and learn more every day.

Because the best way to improve your Spanish is in Spain I want to encourage the parents to send their kids abroad. The students can immerse themselves in a different culture, simple the food and traditions of Spain. Therefore to achive this objective I offer different summer courses in Spain.

Another option is the Exchange programme. No doubt that this gives the students the real sense of a language and a culture.

Both the summer camps and the Exchange programme are an unforgettable experience.

I invite you to check our website. You will find different and interesting options.

Contact me for more information and bookings.


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